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Eleanor McConnell, PhD, RN

Eleanor McConnell, PhD, RN, is Associate Professor and Director of the Geriatric Nursing Center of Excellence in the School of Nursing at Duke University, a Senior Fellow of the Duke Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development, and a Core Investigator at the Department of Veterans Affairs Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center (GRECC) in Durham, NC. Her research and clinical scholarship focuses on improving quality of life among older adults with complex chronic illnesses, particularly among those who are frail, and those who suffer from major neurocognitive disorders. She has devoted her career to improving quality of life and quality of care among those residing in LTC, and her work has been recognized through the Ewald Busse Award from the NC Department of Health and Human Services for her impact on state-level LTC policy. Her work is published in leading medical and nursing journals, and is co-editor of the pioneering textbook “Matteson and McConnell’s Gerontological Nursing: Concepts and Practice,” first published by Elsevier in 1988.